Alice and Ric are adventurous, open and friendly, they care about their world and the people in it, family and friends mean a lot to them, they are a diverse bunch of people and share very similar values. Their vision of the perfect wedding for them was to be among nature, surrounded by their loved ones, not stuffy or over formal, full of colour, fun and laughter. As we talked and planned their vision started to become a reality, and this is what we created together…

Love, best wishes, hopes and dreams

Family and friends gather to take their seats, as they arrive they place their hands on Alice and Ric’s wedding rings warming them with their love and hopes for their future, it was lovely to see them closing their eyes as they made their wishes and gave their blessings, this is a very much loved couple.

A Family Affair

Ric and Alice aren’t very traditional but they wanted their ceremony contained elements of tradition, with a twist… Alice walked in with her parents accompanied by a cover of Home – by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero’s, sang and played by the band RumJig, we began the ceremony with some heartfelt words about Alice and Ric’s love for their family and friends, and how happy they were there to celebrate their relationship with them. When I asked  the question “who is supporting Alice and Ric in their marriage to one another”? I was met with a resounding, “We are”!  and so, their perfect ceremony had begun. 

Their story

A little bit of humour goes a long way when creating a ceremony ‘Who would have thought that when Alice was on a night out with Corrinne in Tiger lounge that their lives were about to take a turn that neither had expected. Both on the dance floor, the Black Keys song Your Touch began to reverberate throughout the club. Alice was dancing with Corrine and Ric manoeuvred his way over whilst shaking his wedges and stomping his feet, quite a sight to behold! It wasn’t long before they were shouting over the music, discussing their mutual appreciation for the band. Ric persuaded her give him her number, and she gave him the real one’!  

A Perfectly Imperfect, Proposal

Everyone loved the proposal story – ‘Ric had already been hatching a plan… one that saw him becoming increasingly nervous as time went by. He was confident that she would say yes but still his nerves were building… He intended to propose in a secluded and scenic spot in Central Park. However things never go according to plan do they You can just imagine it… as they walked he was looking for a quiet space, little did he realise how difficult it would be to find such a spot.  Everywhere he looked something was going on, a man doing Kung Fu moves randomly against a tree, a homeless lady set up camp and then began stripping off’! 

A Heartfelt Reading

Alice’s dad chose and read beautifully a reading by Luke K Freeman, inspired by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos,

…’May these partners build a better wold for the next generation to come. 

May this union bring a new light to the sunshine, a new fragrance to the flowers, 

a new beauty to the earth, and a new mystery to life’… 


Vows and Promises – Uniquely Said

Ric and Alice share most things including the writing of their vows. They spoke each line alternately, finishing by repeating the same promise to each other, one of everlasting love, walking life’s path hand in hand while carving out new adventures. Then it was time to exchange rings and that Kiss!


It was a wonderful ceremony, made so much better by all of the little personal touches, their personal story, writing their own vows, including people. They made their own wedding decorations for the Tipi, as bright and vibrant as the two of them. Their transport was unique and so very them. They had thought of everything and it showed. I wish them so much love, laughter and happiness in their lives. So more of the same really!

Get me to the Beer Tent!

Thank You’s

To Alice and Ric of course for working with me to creat your perfect ceremony and for trusting me with your innermost feelings and most precious memories, it was a pleasure working with you. To Ayesha Photography for the amazing images, to RumJig for being a fantastic band and lovely people too! and last but most definitely not least to Bellefields Farm Weddings for being great hosts as always.

Just to say thank you again for everything on Saturday, you were amazing and everyone commented on the ceremony and how indidvidual it was and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.
Alice and Ric

Wedding Testimonial

Liz Thompson is a Family Celebrant based in Manchester in the UK and working across the North West of England, Liz creates unique and personal ceremonies and services for life events such as Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Baby naming, Vow Renewal and many more. 

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