Pre-wedding planning

When I first met Di and Gavin to talk through their ceremony planner, the first thing that struck me about them was their warm personalities, they both had a mischievous twinkle that at first meeting said more about their relationship than anything else. Spending time with them, keeping in regular contact and finding out what made them tick helped me to write a ceremony that was personal and unique. I loved every minute of writing it with them and when I sent the draft of the personal part of their ceremony for them to check, very few changes needed to be made.

Their relationship is full of fun and laughter and it was immediately obvious that their wedding ceremony was going to be a little bit quirky. Both of them are jokers and as a Civil Celebrant, listening to them was music to my ears because creating their perfect wedding ceremony meant that I could ‘flex my imaginative pen’ as it were, weaving in their personalities with some wedding traditions that I call ‘tradition with a twist’.

Weaving in their magic

It was important to them that their family and friends be included and the key people in their lives were given a role. Diane’s processional music was From This Moment by Shania Twain and she looked stunning as she walked in accompanied by her friend Diane who gave her away, her beautiful bridesmaids wore red satin and flower girls wore white. The guys were handsome in silver grey suits and red ties. Gavin has always been a prankster and had teased his sister before her wedding by telling her that he was going to stand up and object, well… Di asked me to include words similar to the part of a traditional ceremony that asks the guests if they have any objections. She had already primed them and upon my asking, all 170 people stood to object, Gavin’s face was a picture!

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They both love gaming and social media too, their cake topper was the bride dragging her groom away from the games console, cans around his feet and call of duty on the screen. One my colleagues from The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants sourced a spoof letter which I adapted to suit Diane, it was to an Agony Aunt that spoke of her worries about upgrading from boyfriend 2000 to husband XP which had the guests laughing and gave Gavin a bit of a scare…

Celebrant Manchester | Alternative Weddings | Quirky Weddings |Unity Ceremonies They wrote their own vows, Gavin’s were romantic and spoke of his love for his ‘shortcake’ and his promises for their future together and Di’s were a blend of funny and heartfelt sentiments that spoke of her love and commitment to her man and their family. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house and the look of love on their faces for each other was beautiful to see. Everyone loved their personal story which was an unexpected part of the ceremony for them as most people there had never been to a Celebrant led wedding before.

“Mr and Mrs Davies, thank you so much for inviting me to share in your very special day; it was a sensationally joyous ceremony, in your own inimitable style! Lots of fun, humour, and also incredibly moving. It was totes fabulous! A ravishingly beautiful bride; a joyous, touching, poignant, different, heartwarming, at times hilarious and completely joyful occasion. A fun and very touching ceremony…” Amanda Jannings

 Celebrant Manchester | Alternative Weddings | Quirky Weddings|Unity Ceremonies When it came to the part where the couple usually sign their certificate, you guessed it, they wanted to do things differently in their own style, and instead of signing they had an open lap-top and changed their Facebook status from single to married. I love it when people realise that they can have the ceremony of their dreams. One that includes everything that they want, with no pressure on time or inflexibility on what can be said or done. It’s a bit of a light bulb moment for some and you can see their creativity begin to surface and their delight in being able to create a ceremony that really is about them.

Celebrant Manchester | Alternative Weddings | Quirky Weddings|Unity Ceremonies Their recessional Music was Wagner’s Bridal march which the DJ quickly changed to Happy by Pharrell Williams and they danced their way back down the aisle to thunderous applause and cheering from their guests.  They really are made for each other, so well suited and what a happy home for their family to grow in. It was an amazing day that I felt privileged to be asked to share, we remain in contact and I love reading about their exploits on Facebook. One last joke? The guests flash-danced their first dance with YMCA, which Gavin took great delight in, he knew the routine by heart…

Celebrant Manchester | Alternative Weddings | Quirky Weddings|Unity Ceremonies

Kind Words

Liz you were amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of planning the ceremony with you,  nothing was too much trouble and it was unique and personal to us.  Your words reflected our personalities perfectly and we will remember it fondly for the rest of our lives”.

Thank you


You only get one chance to have your ceremony and as ours is not yet a regulated profession anyone can call themselves a Celebrant. Any professionally trained Celebrant will be more than happy for you to check that they are qualified.  I trained with The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, see my About Liz page for more information.

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