In my work I am extremely fortunate to be able to work with many like minded people whose passion and creativity combine to bring you a professional, seamless service. In our lives there are many rites of passage that mark life changing events from birth to baby naming to coming of age, partnership ceremonies such as weddings, blessings and vow renewals right through to house blessings, endings, funeral services and beyond. We naturally want to celebrate and mark those occasions by  creating some sort of ceremony or service.

Tradition with a Twist

When I meet people to discuss their ideas and needs they are often pleasantly surprised and sometimes a little bit nervous about the idea and possibility that they can do things differently. Breaking away from tradition or mixing tradition with something different to create something so beautifully personal and unique can be quite scary but also quite liberating and empowering. The knowledge that you can and do have choice and control over your ceremony is exciting. Bringing inspiration and unlocking that creative energy is our job.

Mixing it up

In this part of my blog I will be introducing you to some of my favourite people to work with, not only in providing services to celebrate or say goodbye but also to the people that often work in the background providing help and support to bring you some fantastic events, creating spaces and support to us as providers or by raising awareness of social issues in the community.

Liz is the proud owner & founder of Unity Civil Celebrancy and enjoys working with all kinds of people, creating beautiful and memorable ceremonies that celebrate their important life events in their own unique style. Connect with Liz on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram

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