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Creating your perfect wedding ceremony

It is always a lovely compliment to be chosen by couples to write and officiate their wedding ceremony, it is after all one of the most important rites of passage in our lives and to be trusted with people’s personal information, life stories and deep and sensitive emotions is indeed an honour. By choosing to work with a Celebrant, you are choosing a bespoke ceremony that really is about you, something different, beautiful and memorable. As a couple you are unique, with your own history and story about how your journey brought you to your wedding day.

And you’d be amazed at how creative people can be with their ceremonies when they realise that they don’t have to stick to the standard format. This is when their personalities really shine out. I always know that people who choose a celebrant are going to be a little bit different anyway. I often use the term ‘tradition with a twist’, which is a short way of saying that anything goes. Couples choose to include elements of tradition or none at all, they might include a religious prayer or reading, symbolic elements for example hand fasting, sand ceremonies, unity candles, etc. Or something else that says this is us, this is who we are. Guests are often pleasantly surprised when they witness something so completely unique that it blows them away and that for me makes my work so worthwhile.

Over time I will be blogging about the real ceremonies that I have done and you will get to see how very different they all are, I suppose the one thing they do have in common is that they are all very different indeed!


You only get one chance to have your ceremony and as ours is not yet a regulated profession anyone can call themselves a Celebrant. Any professionally trained Celebrant will be more than happy for you to check that they are qualified.  I trained with The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, see my About Liz page for more information.

About the Author

Liz Thompson

Liz Thompson is a Civil Celebrant based in Manchester in the UK and working across the North West of England, Liz creates unique and personal ceremonies and services for life events such as Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Baby naming, Vow Renewal and many more. Connect with Liz on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram